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Simplify MachiningTM Vereinfachen Sie die BearbeitungTM

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STMD™ Offers Relief to Machine Tool Builders

In long overhang situations likely to produce severe vibration, the MAQ STMD™ eliminates the need to slow cutting speeds or reduce depth of cut. This feature allows you to decrease cycle time and tooling costs while increasing tool life.

As a result, our solution is a cost-effective alternative to complex and expensive de-vibe tools. By providing a superior surface finish compared to traditional tooling, the STMD™ also eliminates the need for secondary operations.

Give us your specs, and we’ll provide you with innovative solutions.

By the numbers, the STMD™ can help you:

Und so kann STMD™ Ihre Kennzahlen verbessern:

Reduce Cycle
Time by

Verringerung der
Taktzeiten um



Reduce Tooling
Costs by

Verringerung der
Werkzeugkosten um


5 % bis 10 %

Reduce Energy Consumption by

Verringerung des
Energieverbrauchs um


2 % bis 3 %

Scrap by

Verringerung des
Ausschusses um


1 % bis 2 %

Given the high volume of machining operations, even the smallest percentage reductions can result in substantial savings. Tell us about your specific requirements, and we’ll offer you innovative solutions.

Angesichts des hohen Volumens an Bearbeitungsvorgängen können selbst kleinste prozentuale Verringerungen zu erheblichen Einsparungen führen. Senden Sie uns Ihre spezifischen Anforderungen und wir werden Ihnen innovative Lösungen anbieten.

Simplify Your Machining
with MAQ STMD™

Vereinfachen Sie die
Bearbeitung mit MAQ STMD™