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Simplify MachiningTM


Hit All the Right Notes with the Self-Tuning Mass Damper™

MAQ STMD™ tool holders improve feeds and speeds, decrease adjustment time and promote superior surface finished that don’t require secondary operations. With STMD™, there’s no need to slow down, reduce depth of cut or otherwise lengthen cycle time. This plug-and-play solution also minimizes the need for tooling changes and is a cost-effective alternative to complex de-vibe tools that require manual adjustment.

We achieve those performance upgrades by using a tungsten carbide mass damper in the tool holder and provide elastic support with a new-age polymer that self-adjusts its stiffness to reduce vibration.

Our proven solution is competitively priced – one-third less than other vibration damping solutions.

Whether you buy from us directly or through a distributor, we can help you customize the integration of your tool holder orders with your ERP and sourcing platforms.

Tell us about your specific requirements, and we’ll provide you with innovative solutions.

By the numbers, the STMD™ can help you:

Reduce Cycle
Time by


Reduce Tooling
Costs by


Reduce Energy Consumption by


Scrap by


Given the high volume of machining operations, even the smallest percentage reductions can result in substantial savings. Tell us about your specific requirements, and we’ll offer you innovative solutions.

Simplify Your Machining
with MAQ STMD™